Magnetic glasses for the camper

In order not to have to do without a glass of wine or beer during a camping trip, our customer came up with this „ingenious and inexpensive solution“: Magnetic glasses for the camper!

glasses for the camper with Magnets

Since he does not want to use plastic cups and at the same time want to stow the glasses safely while driving, he uses the following materials to implement his project:

The customer implemented his idea in next to no time as follows:

He glued the disc magnets to the bottom of the glasses with the 2-component adhesive. It is important to make sure that the glasses have a slightly curved base so that the magnets can be glued in flush. This means that the glasses stay straight and level in your cabinet. He covered the bottom of the cabinet with an anti-slip mat and a thin sheet of metal.

Put the glasses in the cupboard and go!

A quick, uncomplicated and practical magnet application that looks very good!