Journeyman’s piece: Jewelry mirror-cabinet

Our customer has chosen a special project for her journeyman’s examination. Her unique journeyman’s piece, a „jewelry mirror-cabinet“ was created with the help of our products, among other things.

Thank you for the perfect magnets that I was able to use on my journeyman’s piece: jewelry mirror-cabinet. The magnets are in my rotating mechanism of 6 compartments. The compartments are plugged into a full metal rod to rotate, thanks to ball bearings and rubber ring they can be rotated continuously. With the help of your magnets I was able to achieve a „snap-in“ effect. To keep the door from slamming against the drawer, this effect is just the right thing.

A beautiful and unique piece of furniture Handmade jewelry mirror-cabinet

The following were used: 20 x disc magnets Ø 5.0 x 2.0 mm N40 nickel and 20 x disc magnets Ø 10.0 x 1.0 mm N35 nickel – self-adhesive

Journeyman's piece: Jewelry mirror-cabinet

Journeyman's piece: Jewelry mirror-cabinet

Compartments with rotating mechanism

Division with compartments, inside

Illustration: magnets (2)

Illustration: magnets

Due to the simple and practical use of the small magnets and the other materials, the customer was able to present this beautiful and unique specimen at her journeyman’s examination.