Attach curtains to the skylight

What a challange it is to attach curtains to the skylight, that is why our customer helped himself out with magnets.

Who has not ever experienced problems while attaching the curtains? They are either too long or too short, they will sag or sometimes they don’t even fit.
There are millions of possibilities out there on how to attach the curtains. But most of the time those possibilities are not suitable for either your type of windows, frames or curtains.

Attach curtains to the skylight

Magnets used for attaching the curtain

Invisible attachment

Our customer attached self-adhesive metal discs to the frame of the skylight window. As a counterpart neodymium magnet Ø 12.7 x 6.3 mm with plastic coating – white – 2 kg were used. Since both type of products are white, they remain absolutely not noticeable.

A simple and fast solution on how to attach the curtain to the skylight without drilling. No holes or damage are caused. The curtains can be simply removed for washing purposes at any time, thanks to the flexibility that the magnets create.

Attach the curtain to the skylight

Adhesive surfaces / metal discs for magnets to glue on

Self-adhesive counterparts to magnets are very popular. This has been shown by the numerous inquiries from customers in the past. For this reason, you now have the opportunity to purchase such a product in the magnet shop. Specifically, it is a metal disc with a self-adhesive back. This is characterized by a very strong adhesive force due to foam adhesive. However, this only applies if the surface is clean. Be sure to pay attention, otherwise the products cannot develop their full effect. For this reason, please clean the relevant area sufficiently in advance.

These useful counterparts are available in galvanized or white painted versions. In this way you will find the right optics for your location. For example, because of white walls, many customers are looking for white painted panes so that these practical helpers are hardly noticeable when not in use and do not spoil the furnishings. Keep in mind, these metal discs are only used as a primer. They are not magnets! Nonetheless, these products are ideal for making magnets stick to them.