Removable fly screen with magnetic holder

At this time of year, many insects make their way into our bedrooms uninvited at night. To prevent this, a removable fly screen with a magnetic holder was an effective remedy.

The solution: Removable fly screen

A fly screen should be installed on the bedroom window of our log cabin.
The wooden shutters are relatively close to the window frame when closed. This prevents the shutters with the fly screen in place from opening.
Unfortunately, the metal brackets supplied by the manufacturer for hanging in the frame did not fit either.

An alternative is needed in order to be able to attach the fly screen effectively.

Easy installation of the fly screen

Removable fly screen

Disc magnets on fly screens

Metal plate on the window frame

Metal plate detailed view

Now the mosquitoes can come – just no longer in the bedroom!

View windows with shutters before

Removable fly screen with magnetic holder

It should be possible to remove the fly screen flexibly and easily at any time so as not to damage it from massive temperature fluctuations.
For this purpose, drawer handles were screwed to the fly screen to make it easier to attach and remove.