Bottle cap magnets

Handicrafts from and with magnets; Today’s application also shows you self-designed crown cap magnets.
Everyone knows them and everyone uses them, magnets. You can buy them or create them yourself.

Bottle cap magnets

I like to travel. As a souvenir I take one or more bottle caps from each country with me. In the meantime my collection has increased to around 1000 pieces.

In order to be able to view and display the large collection of his souvenirs, these were quickly converted into magnets.
Memo magnet Ø 25 x 8 mm FERRITE – holds 700 g were used for this. The magnets fit perfectly into the crown caps.

Bottle cap collection

Bottle cap magnets

They fulfill their purpose and also serve as decoration.
The magnets stick to the inside of the bottle caps as if by magic. It is not necessary to glue the magnets in for this.

Detail view

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