The headset always at hand

For a passionate gamer, the mainboard, memory, hard drive, processor, graphics card, power supply unit and housing are part of the basic equipment of the PC, and the headset should always be close at hand.

When playing computer games over a network (now also over the Internet with programs such as TeamSpeak), the players in a group can use a headset to exchange their strategies. That is why a headset is an important tool.

Headset always at hand

Required material for the implementation of the idea:

Ring magnet with Velcro on the headset

Cord with ring magnet

Velcro, ring magnet and cord on the headset

Flexible headset holder – DIY

  • Mount the curtain rail on the ceiling
  • Attach the ring magnet to a string
    The length should be adjustable with the help of a non-self-closing loop
  • Attach the Velcro cable tie including the ring magnet to the headset


The headset always at hand

I could hang my headset over the desk. Now I can grab it from above whenever I need it. So that the magnets do not collide with one another without being dampened when hanging, the magnet should be completely enclosed by the Velcro tape. In addition, the headset’s cable was routed around the rail. My movement is no longer restricted.


Thank you for sending us your magnetic idea!