Magnets in model building

Our magnets are also ideal for model building, as you can read today.

I have to say, I am totally enthusiastic about my application in model making. I am a big model maker and build trucks and trailers on a scale of 1:24 with the aim of building them as realistically as possible.
The kits from the manufacturers Revell and Italeri do not contain any connecting lines for electrical and air supply between the tractor and trailer.
These are available on real trucks.

Model building collection

Model building collection

Exhibition truck

The Use of Magnets in model building

Solution to simulate connector plugs and cables:

A solution for replicating connectors and cables in the form of beads and wire strands was found relatively quickly. The connection between the plug and the trailer posed a problem.
A permanent bond with glue would already be possible, only the separation of the trailer and the tractor is often necessary in my models, similar to the reality.
For example for dusting or changing the space on the shelf.
My thought was to find small magnets. These should have enough strength to keep the connection.
I was happy to find it in your shop. You can see the result in my attached pictures, it works great!

Attaching the magnets - detail

Used material

The assembly process ran as follows:

Important: The magnets are very small. These are placed using tweezers. Plastic tweezers are recommended for this. The magnets are attached to metallic tweezers.

  • Discmagnet Ø 1.0 x 1.0 mm N45 nickel – holds 25 g, stick in pairs with superglue on the „plug beads“
  • Paint the plug and the magnets black for a realistic look
  • Glue the painted plugs with magnets to the connection points on the trailer
  • Fasten the connection lines on the other side of the „plug beads“ with superglue
  • Remove the cables from the trailer and glue the 2nd side to the tractor unit


Plug beads

Connection lines

Truck and trailer connected

The result is a variable plug connection between truck and trailer.