Creative climbing with magnets

With our colorful magnets, our customer creates an opportunity for creative climbing for his group of children.

Creative climbing with magnets

Hello Magnet Shop Team,

I am a climbing trainer and look after a group of children aged 4-7 years. With children everything has to have a playful framework, otherwise it won’t be interesting for long.

In January of this year I bought magnets from you, namely memo magnets made of neodymium.
– The diameter must be 10 mm. These must correspond to an M10 cylinder screw. The climbing holds are then screwed to the wall.
– The height must be 8 mm. These must not protrude too far over the handles. Falling down is prevented.
– These colors correspond to part of the colors of my color cube.

Magnets and child in action

Colored memo magnets

Child climbing

I now have the option to mark handles that will be used during an exercise:

    • 1: a route: mark a series of holds to be climbed.
    • 2: I distribute the magnets on the handles and the children are allowed to collect them. Who has the most
    • 3: The magnets must be placed from one handle to the other. The magnet must move to the next higher handle.
    • 4: Each child can pull a magnet, all of the same color form a team.
    • 5: who can reach the furthest? The magnets make the success visible.
    • 6: all handles that have been held with the hands are marked with the magnet and must no longer be touched with the feet.

Creative climbing with magnets

At that time I had not yet suspected how versatile I can use these memo magnets for climbing games.
My only disadvantage; I only have 3 colors so far. I’ll change that soon!