Loudspeaker attached to cars thanks to magnet systems

Loudspeakers attached to cars thanks to magnet systems. Our magnets are used on the racetrack.
Thanks to their rubber coating, the magnet systems leave no trace and do not scratch the paintwork.

Loudspeaker attached to cars thanks to magnet systems


Magnet systems on loudspeakers

Detail view

Loudspeaker attached to cars thanks to magnet systems

A special signaling system from the BOS area was converted into an announcement unit for voice announcements on racetracks and events.

For this purpose, the loudspeaker was screwed onto a round sheet metal equipped with 3 magnet systems. Thus be used on any car.
The amplifier is powered by the vehicle’s 12V on-board voltage, and the announcement is made via a connected Peiker stick microphone.


Magnet systems (neodymium) with and without rubber jacket

Different magnets are built into a system. The field lines are deflected and bundle the adhesive forces (magnetic force) on one side of the system. This focusing enables a higher adhesion factor. The magnet in the magnet system is optionally protected by a rubber jacket. The rubber jacket of our magnets is made of Santoprene®. In the magnet shop we carry the magnet systems (neodymium) with and without a rubber jacket in various designs (see above).

Why is neodymium used for the magnet systems?

Neodymium magnets are also known as neodymium-iron-boron or NdFeB magnets. They have a much higher adhesive force than ferrite magnets. They belonged to the „rare earths“ and are often referred to as the super magnets, which are considered to be the strongest permanent magnets in the world.