Art exhibition

Our super magnets are not only suitable for technicians. They are also in great demand in art exhibitions.

Art exhibition

Dear Magnets4you team,

We use products from your shop for our projects. They are used for various exhibition presentations of art and pictures. The magnets are barely visible and it is very convenient to work with.
In December 2013 / January 2014 we were able to present our joint work of art „Visit to the Künstlerhaus“.

flexible design

Art exhibition

The monotypes were presented to our visitors on long steel cables with small magnets.

The latest example: the exhibition „Mobile phone – my one and everything“. There are a lot of photographs on display here.
We do that with your very tiny magnets.
The photos can be easily shifted and aligned so properly. That’s a great labor saver.
For photos / pictures we use: discmagnets made of neodymium, small but very strong!

Or we use it as an activation element in the exhibition.

With the „Selfie“ picture series, that’s great!
The audience is called upon to match the right pairs with one another. The small photographs are equipped with the magnetic self-adhesive film and are easy to handle. For selfies we use: magnetic foil

We have a big project next week. With over 120 students we are making a collection of materials. The theme is: Künstlerhaus. The collection grows day by day.
To make this project easy to implement, we use magnetic paper.
The paper is cut into strips and written on by the students. This collection is placed on a huge metal door.