Magnetic cover for radiators

The current application is a magnetic cover for radiators.

Magnetic cover for radiators

Hello Magnet Shop Team,

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the magnetic tape.

Our application was very easy thanks to the roll goods. We have a wide window sill (underneath were night storage heaters) 5 m long. We wanted to disguise them. Access to the storage space below should remain easily accessible.

Magnetic tape and panel

Magnetic cover for radiators

A few meters of the self-adhesive magnetic tape was enough for us to attach all three boards to the metal supports.

The cladding is prevented from slipping off by small blocks at the seams.
Thank you again, your shop is great!


With the high-quality magnetic tape you get a practical way to fix non-magnetic objects on metallic surfaces.
Super fast, super flexible:

  • Simply cut the magnetic tape with scissors
  • Stick it on the desired object
  • Attach to a suitable primer
  • Complete!


Bring new mounting options into your home or office. It works entirely without drilling or screwing. The strong magnetic tapes always ensure an optimal hold!

Our ferrite magnetic tape is suitable for the following purposes:

  • Fastening fly screens
  • Hanging photos and other decorative items
  • Locking technology
  • Exhibition and display construction
  • Use as a play, planning and teaching aid
  • Limit for vacuum cleaner robots


ATTENTION: Magnetic tapes can NOT be used as a base for magnets. You will find suitable surfaces under adhesive surfaces for magnets.