Construction of a generator with discmagnets

For a specialist work „Construction of a generator with discmagnets“ from your shop were used for the implementation.
This application is briefly presented below.

Construction of a generator with discmagnets

Hello, everyone,

briefly to me: I am a student of a grammar school and in the 11th MA1. I bought small discmagnets from you.
I built a generator out of this. The anchor is from an old ceiling fan.

Here are a few pictures of my construction:

Disc magnet

Disc magnet position

Construction of a generator with discmagnets

The generator will be part of my specialist work, which I will present in chemistry. Its job is to supply a fuel cell with electricity.

Generator on bracket

Electrics and generator

Construction of a generator with discmagnets

We wish you a lot of success with the exam and a successful technical work!

Thank you for your trust and for sending me this great idea!

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