3D printed dart lighting

A 3D-printed dart lighting with LED strip is presented to us today by our customer.

3D printed dart lighting

Hello, everyone,

I have just seen the campaign for the publications of the magnet applications and would like to take part in an older magnet order.

I created a dart light with an LED strip with the help of a 3D printer and attached it magnetically to my dartboard.

Block magnets on the dartboard

3D printed dart lighting

Ideal for people with 3D printers. Otherwise you can certainly make it from other materials.
So that the lighting stays on the pane, I used 4 of the magnets „Blockmagnet 35.0 x 15.0 x 3.0 mm N40 nickel – holds 5 kg„.
Works with all dartboards that have a magnetic tape on the outside. Almost everyone has. A great upgrade for the home darts arena!

Thank you for submitting this creative magnet application idea! We are happy to share this with all of our customers.

Most of our block magnets have the north and south poles on the two opposite large surfaces (axial magnetization).
These cuboids fall into the „neodymium super magnets“ category.
The strong neodymium magnets are available with a nickel or epoxy coating. Magnets with a black epoxy coating are better suited for humid surroundings.

You can find more interesting and original customer applications with our block magnets in our blog.