Magnetic time management system

Easy organization with a magnetic time management system.

Our customer has found the right solution for his office.

Magnetic time management system

Hello dear Magnet Shop team.

On your website I found your blog with ideas and examples of applications. You can see projects that have been implemented with your magnets.
My project was inspired by these ideas. I would like to present this to you today.

I recently ordered some magnets from you for our office.
In our company, we installed a sliding sheet metal panel in front of a filing cabinet. Here we have implemented a new, flexible time management system for our fitters in the company.
Thanks to different colors we have now found the perfect organizational tool for our office!

Magnetic Time management system

Office organisation made easy with the help of our products. Magnets can help you in any situation and location. They come in very handy and are very reliable. Besides colored magnets we also offer different coatings. An overview of all the different types and shapes of our magnets can be found here. We thank our customer for submitting us his idea.

Conemagnets / handle magnets with neodymium core in different sizes and colors

Who doesn’t know them, the famous characters from the game „Mensch ärgere Dicht nicht“? or „Ludo?“
We have these cone magnets with glued or screwed neodymium magnets in our range.
What is attached with the cone magnet can be easily removed or moved at any time thanks to the particularly ergonomic shape of the cone.
Due to the very strong neodymium magnet on the underside, it is ideal for notices on information boards, for attaching notes or plans to metal surfaces or for hanging postcards on the refrigerator.

With a conemagnet, the magnetic field lines are bundled on the small circular surface, also called the top surface. This means that magnets with a conical shape have a high adhesive force.
Conemagnets are ideal for use as office magnets, for example on whiteboards, metal strips or magnetic glass boards. With the small circle you can attach notes, A4 sheets, posters, etc. to a ferromagnetic surface.
If necessary, you can easily detach the conical magnets by bending them sideways.
Please note: If you attach the conemagnets with the large base to a metal surface, the magnets can hardly be detached.