Magnetic glasses in the camper van

In order to treat yourself to a glass of wine every now and then on your camping trips, our customer put a simple and inexpensive idea into practice: Magnetic glasses in the camper van!

Materials needed:


The work steps for magnetic glasses in the camper:

1. Gluing the neodymium discmagnets (diameter 30×3 mm) from below in the curved bottom / foot of a wine glass with transparent superglue. After gluing, the glass floor is flat.

Tip: Try beforehand with various euro coins which „magnet height“ is required so that the glass bottom is flat. Different glasses have differently high base curvatures.


Our recommendation: Quick-hardening two-component adhesive – Holds super strong and is also transparent.

Wine glasses


2. Cutting a magnetic stainless steel plate as an adhesive base for magnetic glasses in the camper (in use: 20×20 cm, height 1 mm)

Tip: We chose stainless steel because it doesn’t rust compared to normal steel. The size of the plate is adapted to the space available in the vehicle. It is better to cut the plate a little larger, as there are always more glasses.

DIY-Magnetic glasses in the camper van

Metal plate installed in the camper

3. Screw connection of the stainless steel plate (= adhesive base for the magnetic glasses) on the underside of one of the cupboard floors in the camper.
Our plate still offers space for more glasses 🙂

Conclusion: Even after the toughest off-road ride, the glasses are still intact and in place and we always have them to hand.

Recommendation: Better to use slightly stronger magnets for the glasses – better safe than sorry.

Interior view of the camper with glasses on a metal plate

Glasses on metal plate in the camper