Attachment of a pulley

Today we would like to introduce you to the attachment of a pulley block to a church tower clock with the help of our products.

Attachment of a pulley for a church tower clock

Hello and good day

We have a church clock with weights. We fixed these in the main entrance. Hookmagnets came in to help.

Functioning of the neodymium pot magnets with steel pot and screwed-in hooks:
Strong neodymium magnet is embedded in a steel pot. This metal housing protects the neodymium magnet from damage and increases the adhesive force. In order to achieve an optimal adhesive force, the pot magnet must rest directly on the metallic surface. A thin sheet of iron or paint can reduce the adhesive force very quickly. Adhesive force only acts on the open magnet side, since the steel pot shields the magnetic effect.

Special feature:
The hook is located on the back of the magnetic plate and is screwed into the existing threaded bush with an internal thread. A maximum operating temperature of 80 ° C.
Often you also need the neodymium eyelet magnets, which you can also find in our shop. If a white paint and less adhesive force is required, use our white ferrite hook magnets.
Holding magnets / assembly magnets/ pot magnets are used particularly often in industry, trade fairs and assembly. Strong pot magnets are indispensable in the advertising sector.

Our hook magnets are always gladly used when attaching objects to ceilings.