Magnetic base for metal sculpture

A magnetic base for a metal sculpture was used to securely fasten it.

Magnetic base for metal sculpture

Our customer used a ferrite blockmagnet.
Unfortunately, this is not really easy to see in the picture, but it serves its purpose. The metal sculpture stands securely and stably on its base.

Ferrite Blockmagnets – Blockmagnets made of ferrite

Our ferrite blockmagnets are magnetized through the height (axial). The magnetic poles are therefore on the two large surfaces. In contrast to the neodymium blockmagnets with a higher adhesive force, these ferrite magnets have a higher operating temperature (250°C).

What distinguishes ferrite blockmagnets?

Ferrite magnets are used in a wide range of different areas – whether in the office as holding magnets, as souvenirs, fridge magnets, door closers, etc.
They are also used in motors, loudspeakers, and magnetic couplings.
Their advantage is that they are extremely corrosion-resistant and temperature-resistant. They are therefore also ideal for use in outdoor areas.
Hard ferrite magnets are the cheapest and most used variant of permanent or permanent magnets.

Our square-cut ferrite magnets are also characterized by the fact that they are very robust. They are available in different versions, so you are guaranteed to find the right model for every application. Depending on the size of the model, the adhesive force can be several kilograms. For example, our largest magnetic block made of ferrite holds up to 20 kilograms.

The magnetization is axial – so the poles are on the top or bottom of the ferrite blockmagnets.