Magnetic windscreen cover on the boat

Today we present you a tailor-made custom-made product: Magnetic windscreen cover on the boat.

Magnetic windscreen cover on the boat

Dear Magnet Shop team,

I sewed the magnets into a steel window cover for a boat. This avoided unnecessary holes in the steel caused by other fastenings.
The customer is very satisfied with the handling.



I needed 8 magnets for the cover in the photo. They are disc magnets 30.0 x 5.0mm N50 nickel.

Inserted magnets

First, the magnets were attached to the outside of the cover to determine the exact position. The locations were marked and the magnets were safely packed away again.

Then I sewed on small pockets from the back that were only open on one side.
I wrapped the magnet in thin cotton wool and put it in my pocket. The cotton wool is used to protect the material if the magnet hits a corner.

I put a thicker cloth under the material in which the magnet is stuck so that the magnet doesn’t get caught on the sewing machine and then sewed the open side closed.
Once all the magnets were sewn in, you could roll up the cover.

Side view

Magnetic windscreen cover on the boat

A simple and unique application.

Thank you for sending us your magnetic idea!