Gymnastics bench converted to a knife bar

Most probably know a gymnastics bench from their school days. Be it as a seat in physical education or as actual gymnastics equipment.

Finding a gymnastics bench in the kitchen is rather unusual, but not impossible.

Gymnastics bench converted to a knife bar

One of our customers converted such a bench into a magnetic knife strip. A few steps were necessary for this, which we would of course be happy to show you.

Years ago when I got the chance to get an old gymnastics bench from a school, I took it. My first idea was to cut up the top board to make a new table top. After doing this, I noticed the writing on the lower bar of the bench: It said „Gym Equipment“.

Some time ago I saw the idea for a knife bar in a magazine and was now sure that I could implement it with the said beam. To do this, it had to be divided first to get a thickness of 4 cm. Overall, the knife bar has the dimensions 40 x 8 x 4 cm.

Used Magnets

Metall Bar

Attached knives

Detail view of Knife bar

Knife bar

After sawing to size, the holes for the disc magnets were finally drilled at a distance of 2.5 cm from one another with a Forstner bit using a drill press up to 3 mm, as were the recesses for the neodymium pot magnets.

Then the disc magnets were fixed with hot glue and the neodymium pot magnets were screwed on. Finally the edges were lightly sanded and the wood oiled.

For mounting on the wall, I also decided to use the magical power of magnets. A perforated plate (38 cm x 8 cm) was therefore sawn to size with a hacksaw and pegged to the wall. So the whole tab header can simply be clicked onto the wall.

Thanks to the three disc magnets, even large knives can easily be held and the knife bar offers space for five cutting devices.

Thank you very much for sending in this great magnet application!