Magnetic closure for patio-doors

If the patio door opens with every little gust of wind, it can get on your nerves really quickly. That is why, our customer build a magnetic closure for it the help of our products.

today I would like to present my magnet application:

The door to the patio was always pushed open by the wind when it was ajar in summer.
We have already had to replace the mechanical „holders“ because they no longer held the door shut.

Magnetic closure for patio-doors

At first he installed the Ringmagnets with the sizes Ø 20.0×4.5×4.0 mm  including the metal discs onto the frame, he made sure to install them at the same height into the gaps. After that, he fixed the magnets with the matching screws.

Magnets used

Magnetic closure for patio-doors

Now the patio-doors keep shut when needed due to the adhesive force of the used magnets.

This magnet application is very easy to build and very reliable.

This ring magnet with a 90 ° counterbore made of neodymium can be screwed on securely with a countersunk screw. The 4.5 mm hole is designed for a screw with a diameter of 4 mm.

This magnet has the north pole on the depression side.

Note: You cannot use two of these magnets in pairs, i.e. the magnets do not stick to one another with the countersunk side, but repel each other.
To use this type of magnet in pairs, you need the following magnet as a counter magnet: Ringmagnet Ø 20.0 x 4.5 x 4.0 mm N42 nickel with counterbore south.
If this magnet should only stick to metal, the direction of magnetization / polarity is irrelevant.
Note: If too much force is applied, neodymium magnets can break. We recommend a maximum tightening torque of 2 Nm when screwing on this magnet.