Child lock for drawers and cupboards

Our customer sent us a clever idea. Clearing out all drawers by the daughter should be a thing of the past.

Child lock for drawers and cupboards

Hello Magnet Shop Team!

After our daughter discovered the handles of the drawers and cupboards in our kitchen for herself and had set herself the task of clearing them out, we saw an urgent need for action.
Your hand or fingers could be caught. The contents of the drawers and cabinets could be dangerous.

A first measure consisted of exploring the child safety devices available on the market. Disenchantment quickly followed; what a disappointment!
Most of the plastic „fuses“ offered turned out to be inapplicable for the drawers.
The copies that can be bought involve additional work. All latches and hooks in the cabinets must be screwed down.
A built-in variant with adhesive pads fell off after two days.

Detailview Magnets on drawers

Magnets on drawers

Magnetically protected from small children’s hands

The challenge was to keep our daughter and her amazing strength away from the handles in the kitchen.
Or keep the handles away from our daughter. Of course, we’ll unscrew the handles! And how do the adults get the doors and drawers open?

And this is where your famous magnet shop comes into play.

The order included the following:

Metal discs and deep pot magnets made of neodymium.

From the hardware store we got:

  • 15 x 4 mm countersunk head screws
  • Washers
  • self-locking screws

The plastic pipe of a disused car window puller was still found in the cellar.

And this is what it looks like now:

Cylindrical magnet used

Visual of the use of the cylindrical magnet

Child lock for drawers and cupboards