Magnetic attachment for an unusual lamp

In todays magnetic application we will present a magnetic attachment for an unusual lamp.
Even if you don’t see the magnets at the end: Without it, it wouldn’t work 🙂

Magnetic attachment for an unusual lamp for the ceiling

Detail view magnets

Magnets screwed in

Pot magnets used for attachment

Wooden panel

Magnets on wooden panel

Finished lamp, attached to the ceiling

Used material:


With a 5-foot (2.12m) room height in a small kitchen, there aren’t too many options for beautiful lighting. The common hardware store offer was unacceptable and so it was time to tinker.

I was allowed to fetch the board from the neighbour’s old wood shed and order the spots online. The electrician pointed out to me that I would then not be able to attach the board directly to the ceiling, since even ultra-flat LEDs generate little heat.

Magnets as a means of attachment were immediately in the head, but how exactly?

A call to the magnet-shop and the friendly and competent advice from the employee in the office there was worth gold!

The metal disc is 5 mm high, the pot magnet with 8 mm high, i.e. a total distance to the ceiling of 13 mm – sufficient distance for this type of lamp.

The placement of the two zinc discs was measured and then dowelled directly into the ceiling.

In the direct test, I was only able to remove the pot magnet from the plate with pliers and it was very difficult, so I had papered over it and painted it twice. The weight of the long board is distributed with only 2 magnets, so I removed the wallpaper again.

The pot magnets were screwed onto the board at the point determined by the countersunk hole.

With the large hole drill (7.5 cm) 4 holes were drilled for the spots, these were inserted, wired by the electrician and then the whole thing was simply hung on the ceiling – of course, connected to the cable beforehand.

The finished ceiling lamp:

Holds firmly and securely, but due to the length you need 2 people for assembly or removal.

The electricians were enthusiastic about the solution with magnets and want to use this for difficult projects in the future as well. And I’m excited about my original ceiling light …

… and we are excited about the great things our customers do with our products 🙂