Christmas decorations made with magnets

Christmas is just around the corner in a few weeks. It is time to think about the right Christmas decorations, which can be made with magnets.

With our products, our customer came up with an impressive idea. We are of course happy to include these in our collection.

Christmas decorations made with magnets

The following products were used for this:


The following materials are also required:

  • Decorative branches
  • Nylon thread
  • Decoration tape 15cm wide (used as curtain panels & decorative loop)
  • Gift ribbon red with white hearts (used to border the curtain panels)


Two ferro strips (shortened to 2 x 60cm, so that we reach 120cm width) serve as a holder for the magnets of the curtain panels. To do this, we attached it to the wall just above the window (tip: the ferro strips can be easily cut through with scissors!).

The other ferro strip is used to hold the floating branch, so we attached it to the inside of the lintel.

We then attached the curtain panels with the designer acrylic magnets. The spheres hold the decorative hearts. You can then easily hang the ropes on the spheres, they hold wonderfully. We also attached the decorative loop in the middle with two small spheres. This allows the fabric to ideally wrap around the curvature of the spheres and so they become almost invisible.

We tied the branches together in a bundle and then attached them to the two ferrite hook magnets in the middle of the window using two nylon threads. We also filled the ferrous strip attached to the lintel with additional pieces of double-sided adhesive tape. Since the strip hangs from the ceiling, we have thus prevented the iron tape from sagging between the adhesive pads attached to the work.

Acrylic magnets

Hook magnet

Detail view magnetic spheres

Ferro bar on window

Making Christmas decorations is not difficult at all

Magnetic spheres on bow

Christmas Decoration with magnets

We are always happy about the great things that our customers make with our products. If there is no pre-Christmas mood with this Christmas decoration, we don’t know what to do next 😉