Inexpensive fly screen solution as DIY for every budget

It doesn’t always have to be the expensive or finished fly screen frames. Our customer build his own inexpensive fly screen solution as DIY for every budget.

Inexpensive fly screen solution as DIY for every budget

Hello Magnet Shop Team,

I wanted to send you my instructions on how to attach a fly screen without a frame using magnets and washers.

Not everyone has the money to buy an expensive fly screen frame or they are simply too unwieldy or bulky. Fly screens are usually attached with Velcro, which neither holds well nor allows the fly screen to remain whole if you have to remove and reattach it frequently. My problem was that I have flowers outside the window that I have to water regularly. In the window frame I have a screen that keeps insects out and cats inside. After I put the screen on and off several times, it already showed the first holes.
So I got the idea to fix it with magnets.

For this I glued flat, block magnets (Blockmagnet 10.0 x 10.0 x 2.0 mm N45 nickel – holds 1.2 kg) into the frame, as you can see on the first photo. Next I sewed washers for the Progresse M5 screws to the fly screen, as shown in the second photo. Now you can pull off the fly screen with one pull and secure it again in a few simple steps.

Magnet application as a base

View of attached magnet on fly screen

Magnet application on fly screen

View of attached screen