Pimp your car with our magnets! Attachment of license plates

Pimp your car with our magnets! Attachment of license plates as a removable license plate? No problem. This is quick and easy with the right magnets.

Attachment of license plates with magnets

Our customer shows how it’s done:

Hello magnet-shop team!
My application is certainly a bit unusual!

Since I like to make individual changes to my car and drive to car events, I didn’t want my license plate to appear on photos on the Internet.
So a simple variant had to be used to be able to mount and dismantle my license plate quickly.

I didn’t want suction cups because I don’t like the look of them.

But then,  I found your magnets!

First I looked for free spaces on the license plate and glued the magnets on to it with 2 component glue.
While the glue was drying, I dismantled the front bumper of my car.

After the glue had set, I held the license plate to the bumper with the help of a second person and then glued the other 10 magnets on from behind.
My opinion; this is the best method to briefly dismantle your license plate.

The magnets are bombproof. There is no danger of losing the license plate while driving.
Even an industrial high-pressure cleaner cannot remove the license plate.
Since this method has proven to be very effective, this year I will also attach the rear license plate with magnets from you.

Glued magnets on license plate

Dismantled front bumber

Attachment of the magnets onto the bumber