Fishing rod holder

As a passionate fisher you do not only need enough rods and baits. A reliable fishing rod holder during transportation is necessary.

Fishing rod holder

Our customer was in need of  a reliable and stable construction and therefore he built a fishing rod holder for the car from aluminum profiles. It was important to him that the bracket could be installed and removed from the car at any time and without any tools. A screw connection with the car was therefore out of the question.

Ultimately, the solution to this problem was our super-powerful magnet systems. Thanks to the rubber coating, these hold the construction securely in place so that nothing can slip. The rubber coating prevents scratches to the vehicle and surfaces.

Assuming a little technical skill, nothing stands in the way of a perfect solution!


The materials required for this were as follows:

The holder,  (in this case  for a Citroen Berlingo) was created as follows:

  • Cut aluminum profiles to the required frame size
  • Screw the magnet systems with rubber coating at the appropriate places on the rear wall of the car, two in the upper and two in the lower area
  • Assemble a frame made out of the aluminum profile rails, attach a cross brace and screw it onto the magnets
  • Screw the heavy-duty hooks to the right-hand side of the frame and the device clamps to the left-hand side
  • Make sure that the hooks and the clamps are mounted parallel to each other at the same height so that the rods can be hung in horizontally
  • Attach the elastic strap for extra hold

Assembling of the magnets and frame

Side view of the frame including rods

Complete frame view

Fishing rod holder for the car

This original magnetic holder can be easily installed and removed again at any time.