Fly screen attachment

The fly screen attachment can often be nerve-wracking. The fly screen is constantly coming off even though the entire window frame is covered with tape or the fabric is simply broken or torn too quickly.

With this attachment for his home, our customer has put an end to this eternal cycle.

Fly screen attachment

To do this, he used the following products:

Metall disc on window frame

Fly screen insinde

Detail view of Neodymium tape squares

Detail view of Neodymium tape squares on fly screen

Fixation of the fly screen

He proceeded as follows to create his fly screen attachment:

  • First, the fly screen was cut to size according to the size of the window frame
  • Pieces of the size about 1 cm were cut from the neodymium tape, which will later be used to fix the fly screen
  • The number of pieces of neodymium tape and metal plates required depends on the size of your window
  • The metal plates were glued to the window frame at regular intervals, from the inside and outside
  • For this, the protective film on the adhesive surface was removed
  • Before attaching the self-adhesive metal plate, please ensure that the surface is free of dirt, grease and dust. As these points could affect the adhesive strength.
  • The fly screen was then held against the metal plate and fixed with the pieces of neodymium tape cut to size
  • Due to the attraction of the neodymium tape, the fly screen stays reliably in place

The fly screen can be removed at any time!



A useful tip: By removing the white protective layer on the adhesive surface of the neodymium tape, this fly screen attachment is barely visible.