Magnetic beer tree

What to do with all the bottle caps after a cozy evening with friends or family? The perfect solution: a magnetic beer tree!

Today we would like to introduce you to three very creative and practical beer trees that our customers have created with the help of our magnets.

Material and tools used for sample # 1:

This is how sample # 1 was created:

  • Saw the branch and all other wooden parts into the correct size / shape and screw them onto the wooden board
  • Generously spread glue on the wooden board to decorate it with sawdust and other decoration items
  • Use the hot glue to stick the magnets to the branch as you wish

Magnetic beer tree Sample # 1

Bottle caps collection on beer tree

Overall view magnetic beer tree

Decorated beer tree

Wooden board for beer tree

Sample # 2 was created as follows:

  • Saw a small dead tree or branch in the size needed
  • With a suitable wood drill bit, in this case a 10 mm drill, drill three holes in the upper branches with a depth of approx. 2 cm
  • Glue
  • 3 x Rod magnet Ø 10.0 x 50.0 mm N40 nickel – holds 6.5 kg, press these into the pre-drilled holes
  • Finally, screw on a suitable stand of your choice as a base

Preparation of the tree branch

Processing the branch

Drill work on branch

Base for beer tree sample # 2

Branch used for beer tree

Detail view of base from the bottom

Finished beer tree sample # 2

Finished beer tree with bottle caps

Last but not least, sample # 3:

Finished beer tree sample # 3

Bottle cap collection on sample # 3

Then the strength of the magnets was tested with collected bottle caps (throwing was a lot of fun for our customer !!!)