Outdoor shelter for firewood

Our customer had an original and practical idea when he built an outdoor shelter for firewood. He integrated a place to store his fire bowl when not in use.
The original idea was to attach boards with magnets to the front. These can then be removed quickly and individually to remove the fire bowl.

Outdoor shelter for firewood

I’ve built a new, divided wooden shelter. The fire bowl should be stored on the left side out of sight when not in use.

Alternatively, it would have been possible to build 4 boards as a unit like a „gate to hang in“, but then additional slats would have had to be screwed on.
These vertical slats would then have been visible, which would have impaired the overall appearance.

The material needed to implement his idea is as follows:


Therefore, our customer decided on the following implementation:

  • Align the boards within the overall look with screw clamps
  • At the places where the magnets and metal discs will later be located, drill from the outside with a 2 mm drill through the boards into the pole
  • Remove the boards and screw on the metal discs as a counterpart to the magnets at the marked points on their back
  • Use a 16 mm flat or Forstner bit to drill the holes for the pot magnets into the poles at the marked points
  • Then secure the pot magnets additionally with suitable countersunk screws – Please ensure that the screw heads do not protrude over the recess of the pot magnet.
  • Then place the fire bowl and / or other items on the „storage surface“
  • „Adhere“ the boards bit by bit from the bottom to the top


Enjoy a beautiful outdoor shelter for firewood with concealed and optically adapted storage space

Usage of the metall discs

Usage of the neodymium pot magnet

Storage area for the fire bowl

Building the storage area for the fire bowl

Closed storage area of the fire bowl

Outdoor shelter

Outdoor shelter for fire wood