Magnetic license plate holder for the car

A customer gave us a great idea when he imagined this magnetic license plate holder for the car. Since he did not want to attach a conventional bracket to his car, he decided on his own variant with the help of our magnets.

For this project he used the following magnets and materials:

Magnets and Alcantara

License plate front

View license plate back

The attachment of the magnetic license plate holder for the car was made as follows:

  • First the front bumper was dismantled so that the magnets could be attached from the inside
  • The position and the correct polarity of the magnets was determined by preparing the license plate with magnets. Afterwards gluing them to the inside of the bumper
  • With the double-sided adhesive tape the magnets were glued on, which were then provided with small pieces of artificial Alcantara to avoid scratches and damage to the paint
  • The rear license plate was stuck directly on the back with magnets and artificial Alcantara and attached to the car


Our customer was particularly pleased that his magnetic license plate holder for the car withstood his driving test up to 300 km / h. Also the visit to the car wash was without any problems.