Magnetic fishing game

A magnetic fishing game is a wonderful activity that has fascinated us adults in the past. One of our customers „re-emerged“ the well-known game with the simplest materials and the most beautiful marine animals.

With just a few materials, you can quickly and easily create your own magnetic fishing game.

Make a magnetic fishing game yourself – that’s what you need

Magnetic Starfish




Old Boot


Big fish

Small fish

Magnetic fishing rod

Please note: Since this game attracts even the smallest to play, objects that are too small should not be tinkered with as there is a risk of choking or suffocation.

Please also make sure that the objects do not contain any points or sharp edges.

We have selected these possible game variants for you:

Blind fishing

Put the fish and other items in a tall pot or a drawstring bag (gym bag). You can e.g. make an aquarium out of a cardboard box.

Every child is allowed to fish blind once. The winner will be determined on the basis of the marine animals “fished”.

Each fish or object is assigned a score before the game begins. For example, in this case the “old shoe” and the “pot” correspond to a rivet.

The rainbow fish, on the other hand, has the highest score of 10 points. Every other figure corresponds to 5 points.

After all marine animals and objects have been magnetically fished, the points are added together. The player with the most points is the winner.


Each player receives a magnetic fishing rod. An hourglass serves as a time guide. The goal is to catch as many fish as possible within this time. After the time has elapsed, the points are added together and it is the next player’s turn. The awarding of points can be decided by yourself or as with „blind fishing“ (see above).

The level of difficulty can also be increased by fishing „blind“, as described above.

We hope you enjoy tinkering and playing with this great magnetic fishing game.