Magnetic bamboo picture holder for calligraphy

A magnetic bamboo picture holder for calligraphy was created by our customer with the help of our magnets. This wonderful application gives your home an individual flair.

Magnetic bamboo picture holder for calligraphy; A real eye-catcher!

In China, Japan and other East Asian countries, drawing characters with ink on rice paper is a very popular and respected art.
All you need are rice paper, Indian ink, a calligraphy paint brush and a soapstone stamp with red stamp ink to set an optical punch line.

The following material was used to create a picture holder in the Size approx. 70 x 30 cm:

The following tools were used for processing:

  • Drill
  • Twist drill especially for wood with a Ø of 3 mm
  • Vice
  • Precision saw

Manufacturing process:

Shortening the Sticks:

From the four pieces of bamboo, four sticks of the same length of approx. 37 cm were sawn to size. The sections should be as straight as possible and have hardly any noticeable differences in weight and diameter. Measured at a distance of 4 cm from an interface, holes were made in the next production step.
If possible, there should be no stalk knots.

Processing of the Sticks:

To find suitable drilling locations, the sticks were placed on the table and slowly rolled back and forth. This makes it easier to find suitable locations on the sticks. Mark these by scoring with the aid of the drill. The bamboo sticks were clamped in a vice before drilling. To prevent the bamboo from bursting. The use of a wood drill is recommended for this. Two holes were drilled in each stick with a distance of 4 cm. The depth is 8 mm. The magnets to be used find a stop in the bamboo stick through this depth.

Inserting the magnets:

Now the rod magnets were coated with glue and inserted into the drill holes. The magnets should be used with alternating polarization. Once south, once north pole. Only with the alternating polarity do you get four structurally identical rods, which can later be put together to form a functional picture holder.

Creation of the loop:

The thread was tied into a loop. This will later be used for suspension.

Now all necessary parts for the picture holder are ready.

Additional material needed

Material needed

Needed tools

Hanging of the Picture Holder:

Now the finished product can be hung up. Wrap the loop on the upper stick in a triangular shape around the magnets and clamp them together with the inserted picture between the bamboo rods. The magnets attract each other thanks to the changing polarization.

The work of art is now ready and can be hung in your desired location.


Insertetd magnet into the stick

Fixture of the picture



Bamboo picture holder