Magnetic cell phone holder for the car

Our customer created a magnetic cell phone holder for the car with the help of our magnets. Since the original cell phone holder in his Audi A4 convertible no longer matched the current smartphone models, something else had to be found.

He removed the old cell phone holder from his car. As a result, 2 large unsightly holes were then unfortunately to be seen.

This is how the magnetic cell phone holder is built

For his idea of making a new magnetic mount for the car himself, the customer proceeded as follows:

He glued a neodymium bar 65x13x5mm with countersunk holes to the desired location with silicone. Then he stuck a small metal plate into his cell phone case, which then attracts itself magnetically to the holder.

A magnetic mobile phone holder was created quickly and easily.

Magnetic neodymium bar and silicone

Magnetic neodymium bar

Placement of the magnetic neodymium bar

Magnetic plate on cell phone cover

Magnetic cell phone holder

Mounted cell phone holder

Side view cell phone holder

This idea not only covered the unsightly holes in the center console, it also created a practical and easy-to-use gadget.


  1. Order neodymium bar with countersunk and holes.
  2. Screw it into place with screws or glue it with silicone or something similar.
  3. Stick the magnetic plate on your own mobile phone case. These are very cheap e.g. available on eBay.


The mobile phone holder is ready!

Thank you very much for the detailed description with many pictures!