Magnetic marking for boulder handles

Our customer has created a creative and practical gadget with magnetic marking for boulder handles.

Magnetic marking for boulder handles

This Application was created using the following materials:


Procedure for creating the magnetic marking for boulder handles:

  1. First, heat the red ribbon with a lighter at the ends (this prevents the ribbon from fretting)
  2. Then glue the magnet to the ribbon with a hot glue gun
  3. Finally, wrap the magnet with the tape, place it in the shrink tubing and heat it up.


The magnetic markings are ready and could certainly be useful for one purpose or another, outside of bouldering.

Magnetic marking for Boulder handles

Ribbon with magnets

Finished magnetic marking for Boulder handles

Usually, the different boulders are always climbed according to the color of the handles. But as a creative game for in between or for training, our customer sometimes plays „packing suitcases“ with his team. You define your own boulder by marking it with the magnets on the handle screws.

Instructions for the game „Packing suitcases“:

The first person begins with a freely chosen starting handle, this person chooses another handle. The next person must use these handles in the same order and also choose and mark another handle. This continues until a person does not reach the defined route.

With this game and the magnetic markings for bouldering handles you can have fun as well as do a workout.