Magnetic plywood drawer dividers

Our customer needed stable and flexible drawer dividers to create more order in her kitchen. Unfortunately, many of the versions available for sale were not suitable. That’s why she came up with the idea of building magnetic drawer dividers out of plywood.

Custom-fit, flexible & stable – magnetic drawer dividers made by yourself

To do so, she used the following materials:

Magnetic plywood drawer dividers Assemble – this is how it works!

The drawer dividers are assembled as follows:

  • The plywood boards were cut to the right size at the hardware store. After cutting, those were then painted with wood paint by the customer
  • The magnets were attached to the back of the drawer. Since the drawer is made of metal, the magnets adhere by themselves
  • The front of the drawer is made of wood. For this purpose, the ferro strip was cut to size with scissors, then glued to the drawer with a small piece of mounting tape
  • Then the finished dividers were inserted into the drawers and arranged as desired

Magnetic holding for drawers deviders

Fixing the dividers with magnets

Magnetic plywood drawer dividers

Quick, simple, stable and flexible, these drawers have been converted to create more space and order in the large kitchen drawers.