Magnetic fastening for pleated blinds

Who does not know that, you buy a pleated blind and the plastic angles supplied are so ugly that an alternative is needed. Our customer thought the same thing and, with the help of our products he made a magnetic fastening for pleated blinds.

You can create a quick and easy magnetic fastening for pleated blinds yourself within a few minutes.


The magnetic fastenings for pleated blinds were made using the following products:

Without the help of any tools, you can create a magnetic attachment for pleated blinds as follows:

  • Before gluing on the metal discs, clean the window frame at the desired location with cleaning benzene (this will make it easier to remove the panes later)
  • Attach the metal discs to the upper section of the window frame first, then to the lower section
  • Let the pot magnets adhere to the metal discs
  • Tension the pleated cords of the upper section downwards and attach them to the threaded pins of the pot magnets
  • Fix these pleated cords with a suitable nut