Magnetic terrace shading for a glass roof

For his glass roof on his terrace, our customer wanted a reliable hold for the shading. For this he decided on our magnets and sewed an individual magnetic terrace shading for a glass roof.

Magnetic terrace shading for a glass roof

Patio shading, a fabric material is folded in at regular intervals under a glass roof

The creation and use turned out to be very easy, as the customer only needs to use each length of fabric
7 Disc magnets Ø 25.0 x 5.0 mm Y35 ferrite – holds 900 g and requires matching eyelets.

When using the magnets, please pay attention to the polarity of the respective discs, as undesirable repulsions can occur during processing if two identical poles meet!

Detail view of pocket for the sew in magnets

Adhesive effect of the sewn-in magnets between the bellows

Folded fabric panels after attaching the magnets

Extended panels of shading

For the desired hold of the fabric, the customer implemented his idea as follows:

  • He sewed a pocket in the bellows of the fabric panels to insert the magnets.
  • Then he pushed the lengths of fabric together, which thanks to the sewn-in magnets stick together reliably.
  • The upper edge of the folds was then sewn and provided with eyelets.
  • A tension rope for the fabric panels runs through these eyelets.
  • The aim is that the folds do not open again when pushed together so that when pulled out, the tensile force is not so great that it could cause damage to the fabric.


Thanks to his creativity, our customer has succeeded in designing an individual and unique idea.