Magnetic stove protection

As is well known, stove button protections are used to prevent children from playing with the switches and accidentally turning them on. Since this can very quickly lead to a very dangerous situation, our customer decided to protect herself and built a magnetic stove protection. But this protection was not built to keep her children from turning the knobs, but to prevent her house tigers from turning on the stove with their little paws while they climb up onto the kitchen. Unfortunately, this has happened several times and the customer had to act real fast.

Reliable and effective protection for your home

Required material and tools:

Sideview of magnetic stove protection

Magnetic stove protection

Assembly Instructions:

  • Drill a hole in each corner of the plexiglass. In addition, another hole should be drilled in the middle in the upper area to stabilize the plexiglass
  • Let the magnets stick to the stainless steel front of your stove
  • Hold the plexiglass on the magnets and fix the protection by placing the washers and nuts on the deep pot magnets
  • Repeat this process for all five holes and screw tight


This magnetic protection for stove switches can be easily and problem-free removed at any time if necessary.