3D-printed magnetic camera mount

Our customers have created a 3D-printed magnetic camera mount for a mobile robot. There is a depth camera at the front of a robot. This must be easy to dismantle at any time for test and transporting purposes.

3D-printed magnetic camera mount for a depth camera

The reassembly of the Realsense D435 camera, weighing only 72 grams, to the robot should not change the perspective. The camera was fixed with the help of strong magnets. For this they used block magnets 10.0 x 10.0 x 3.0 mm N45 made of nickel which were completely sufficient for this purpose. The magnets were always used in pairs in this case. The pairs have a construction-related distance of approx. 1 mm, this led to a small reduction in the adhesive force. The customers have printed a suitable holder for their depth camera with the help of a 3D printer.
To prevent the magnetic camera holder from twisting, two screw heads were screwed into a recess in the counter holder.

The angle of the camera can also be changed continuously. The camera bracket was attached to a square aluminum profile.

Magnets on 3D printed magnetic camera mount

Magnets on 3D printed magnetic camera mount on the back

Attachment of the camera to the 3D printed bracket

3D-printed magnetic camera mount

3D-printed magnetic camera mount

An original and unique gadget! Created and designed with a 3D printer! Thank you for sharing!