Magnetic foil decoration in the round table lodge

In order to visually upgrade the round table lodge, our customer decided on a self-made magnetic foil decoration with bottle caps.

To be able to implement this idea, the customer ordered the following products from our shop:

For the processing of the magnetic foil he needed the following tools and the following material:

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Black marker pen

To assemble the foil he proceeded as follows:

  • He measured the desired area before attaching it
  • The magnetic foil was adjusted horizontally along the wooden wall so that it can be attached flush and straight
  • He fixed the magnetic sheet to the wooden wall with small nails
  • So that the nail heads are no longer visible after hanging up the magnetic sheet, he painted them with a black marker pen
  • He let the magnets stick to the inside of the bottle caps
  • The assembled bottle cap magnets were adhered to the magnetic sheet

Attached magnet in bottle cap

View of used magnet in bottle cap

Magnetic foil decoration in the lodge

With the help of a magnetic foils and magnets and the unlimited creativity of our customers, a truly original unique item was created!

When designing your own magnetic foil, you can let your creativity run free!