Movable under-cabinet light in the workshop

In order to provide more light in his workshop, our customer has attached a movable under-cabinet lamp to the metal shelves without any screws using our products. In this article we will explain how he did this.

Movable under-cabinet light in the workshop

The customer used the following magnets for the implementation:

The customer got an under-cabinet light from the hardware store, which was equipped with its own plastic brackets. These brackets were widened with a 4-hole drill. A threaded deep pot magnet was screwed into the plastic holders. The thread of the magnet has been completely removed. The thread was held in the magnet with a suitable Allen key and screwed to the plastic holder at the same time. This makes it very easy to attach the under-cabinet light below a shelf. Through the use of magnets, this construction holds reliably and can be moved and placed freely as desired.

View of the plastic bracket

Drilling the bracket

Deep pot magnet view

Use of the Allen key

Plastic bracket / Allen key

As a bonus, the customer also installed a light sensor, which he attached to the metal shelf using the disc magnets mentioned above. Its relocatable under-cabinet light is a very practical and helpful idea!

Built-in deep pot magnet

Mounted under-cabinet light with deep pot magnet

Mounted under-cabinet light

Under cabinet light with light sensor