Side awnings & floor-protection motorhome

Our customers have created a fixation for the side awnings and floor-protection on the motorhome with color-coordinated magnets.

An easy-to-use device for effective protection against wind and cold

Side awnings & floor-protection for motorhome

The following magnets were used to attach them:

Red magnets for exterior floor protection

Entry - floor protection

Awnings & floor-protection motorhome


Side awnings

Attached side awning and magnets

Interior detail view

Fixing with magnets - detailed view

To avoid damage to your paint by attaching the magnets, they should not be attached directly.
As you can see in the pictures, we have attached the magnets to the inside of the fabric parts of the vehicle.
When ordering, we paid attention to the weight of what the individual magnets have for holding power.

We offer the neodymium magnet glued in the plastic housing in a large selection of colors and sizes. In general, the larger the size, the higher the adhesive force. In contrast to our office magnets with ferrite insert, these magnets have a high adhesive force thanks to the neodymium magnets used. This magnet is used wherever a normal ferrite magnet is no longer sufficient. You need these magnets with your logo or advertising? Then please contact us.