Magnetic assembly of the vehicle roof

In his brand new car, the interior ceiling had to be removed and reassembled. The pre-assembled plastic clips were no longer usable after removal. Our customer decided to mount the roof magnetically.

The customer used the following materials for his project:

Magnetic assembly of the vehicle roof

The customer describes his project as follows:

Replacement clips are outrageously expensive! And, as well known, the need makes people inventive!
The curtains, magnetic flashlight and cell phone are all supposed to be attached to the vehicle from the inside. Also the magnetic flashlight does not stick well and the cell phone is now also equipped with a magnetic back. Our decision fell on magnets!

Drilling is prohibited on a new car. Commercially available cavity dowels were inserted into the holes and the ceiling was screwed together with wood screws and the ring magnets.
For bigger holes, I would have used blind nuts with a plastic coating.

Small disc magnets look very good as a cover for the screw heads. These also loosely hold the fabric of the curtain. The disc magnets were sewn in.
The screw heads were covered with self-adhesive silver foil.

Materials used

Screwed on ringmagnet

Detail view of disc and ringmagnet (screwed on)

Disc and ring magnet (screwed)

Mounted magnets evenly spaced

This application is very handy anytime! Everything is stowed within reach:
Flashlight and the glasses case
Keys and the cell phone
Lighter and the closed pocket knife
The curtains

Additionally, the variation looks a lot better than the plastic clips.

Warning: Please do not hang up any sharp or heavy objects!

Fixation of the curtains with magnets