Repairing a toy excavator

On a Bruder mini excavator, the shovel arm could no longer be locked in the upper position. The lock was unfortunately worn out. The defective shovel arm should not be a reason to slow down the fun of our little excavator friend. A solution was needed to extend the life of the small excavator.
Our customer decided to repair the toy excavator with the help of our magnets.

Repairing a toy excavator

He managed to repair it with the following products:

He took these steps for the repair:

  • The customer drilled a small hole in the inside of the lower excavator arm. The small disc magnet was then inserted into this hole.
  • He glued the block magnet to the opposite side so that the magnets attract each other.


Now the excavator arm can be fixed in its upper rest position with the help of the magnets. The use of magnets has no negative impact on the other functions of the excavator.

Repair of a toy excavator

Repaired toy excavator

Now the small excavator is as good as new and is available again for further excavation work in the children’s room.
We wish the little excavator driver a lot of fun and joy with his excavator projects.