Colorful art magnets

Our customer let her creativity run wild and staged simple, white memo board magnets in a slightly colored setting. She designed these colorful art magnets for her home.

In the twinkling of an eye, the customer conjured up these charming colorful unique items!

For the implementation of her unique pieces you needed the following materials:

  • Memo magnets Ø 30 x 8 mm FERRITE – white
  • Acrylic paint residue from a pallet (dried)
  • fast curing adhesive
  • Wooden spatula or something similar to distribute the glue
  • a small pair of scissors with curved blades (nail scissors)
  • a circular template if necessary

Materials required for the colorful art magnets

Dried paint residues

Applying the glue

She succeeded in designing the colorful art magnets with the following simple steps:

  • Select the dried paint residue you want to use and cut it out. The dimensions of the leftover paint should be slightly larger than the diameter of the magnet.
  • Apply glue to the top of the magnet and spread it thinly to the edge with the wooden spatula.
  • After that apply the paint residue and press firmly for a few seconds onto the memo magnets.
  • Let the glue dry thoroughly.
  • Turn the magnets on their back and cut off the protruding edges of the paint residues.

Applying the paint residue

Cutting off the edge

Colorful art magnets