In our video we show you a simple and quick method to magnetize & demagnetize tools.

Magnetize and demagnetize tools


Simple handling:

> For magnetizing – Guide the tool slowly through the „+ opening“ to prevent the screw from falling or to ensure a secure hold when working overhead.

> To demagnetize – Slowly guide the tool through the „opening“ to be able to work with non-magnetic tools in the electronics area, for example.

A practical tool that should not be missing in any workshop and thanks to its minimal size it fits in every drawer! It doesn’t matter whether it’s assembling small objects such as watches or working overhead: if the screws or small elements aren’t attached correctly or are attached too much to the tools, then the frustration is great.
With a magnetizer & demagnetizer from our online shop, this can no longer happen to you!

Housing made of unbreakable plastic

Whether it is assembling small-scale items such as clocks or working overhead. If the screws or small items do not hang properly or overly on the tools, then the frustration becomes great. With a magnetizer & demagnetizer from our online shop, this cannot happen to you anymore!

Of course you can also find the magnetizer in our shop 😉

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