Table for the camper

Our customers needed a small table in their VW camper that they can use both inside and outside. Unfortunately, there was no bracket for such a table in the camper. But between a cupboard and the tailgate in the camper they still found some space that you could use for safe and space-saving stowage.

Table for the camper

They used the following materials for your project:

Attached metal discs to cabinet

Pot magnet mounted with a pad

View of table with magnets

Table in the camper

Stowed table

Secure hold of the table in the camper

Four metal discs were screwed onto the cabinet, and we attached three neodymium pot magnets to the underside of the table on 2 wooden discs. The difficulty was that the MFD panel of the table (medium fiber density) with 15 mm thickness does not hold the screws (M4) particularly well. The cabinet which also has a 15 mm thickness,  is made of more stable plywood. On the other hand, the load on the magnets is not particularly high, even when the table is pulled off. And three magnets, each with a holding force of 17 kg, sufficiently secure the table in a vertical position (the fourth metal disc on the cabinet is only used for symmetrical decoration). Felt pads were glued onto the table in a few places to prevent rubbing. The table can now be easily pulled upwards – even with the tailgate closed from the inside.

This practical holder for a table in a VW camper was created so easily and quickly.