Cosplay costume with magnets

An admittedly somewhat unusual application was sent to us by our customer: Cosplay costume with magnets
She used our magnets for her project, which she was working on until recently.

Cosplay costume with magnets

The word cosplay is made up of costume and play. The so-called cosplayers spend a lot of time watching anime, reading manga or comics and following various films and series on television and cinema. They are fans of various fictional characters and imitate them with the help of costumes, wigs and make-up. Some materials, tools and a lot of sweat, tears and blood come together. A cosplay is brought to life not least by the wearer and is best presented at a convention or a photo shoot.

Customer with her Cosplay

Cosplay: Loki

Loki Costume with metall discs

Cosplay Loki and Thor

Our customer decided to cosplay „Loki“ from the films Thor from the Marvel universe. Loki wears similar gold plates on his tunic.

To help, the customer took 50 self-adhesive metal plates 15 x 15 x 0.5 mm with 3M adhesive. These were colored with gold lacquer spray and left to dry.
After drying, she attached the colored metal discs to the synthetic leather. For this she also used a few drops of superglue, which hold the gold discs firmly in place.