Cutting aid

Our magnets also find a helpful and useful task in our customer’s sewing room, a cutting aid.

Our customer used the following magnets to create her application:

The different lengths of the rods change the distance during cutting.

Easy creation of the Gadget

Magnetic attraction of the magnet to the scissors

Cutting aid

The usage is very simple:

Simply let the magnet stick to the scissors. Due to the magnetic attraction of the rod, it adheres reliably. This can now be used as a spacer.
The result is a permanently constant distance, which prevents a crooked cut.

As you can see in the video below; it is not only simple to create this gadget, but also very simple to use it! No more ugly cut thanks to this little helper!

The advantage of our neodymium rodmagnets is their easy handling. Thanks to their elongated shape, they are easy to grip – and can therefore be used on pin boards, for example. By stringing together individual magnets, you can create neodymium rodmagnets of any length – whether you prefer large rodmagnets or small rodmagnets. Almost all models have the north and south poles on the flat circular surfaces (axial magnetization). However, some designs are magnetized diametrically (through the diameter). In this category we offer you high-quality neodymium rodmagnets in different sizes, which you can buy from us at reasonable prices!