Clothes pin with magnetic plate: Ideal for pictures on the board

In today’s magnet application, self-adhesive magnetic tape that are stuck to a clothes pin make everyday work easier for a teacher.

I am a teacher at a support center for special needs. We work a lot with visualizations of images, pictograms, etc.
Everything is always visible on the board. For this I use self-adhesive magnetic tape 10mm

In my last preparation for upcoming lessons, my colleague and I had an idea on how  we can extent the use of the magnets and on how I can reuse my materials more often, therefore save the magnets.

Clothes pin with magnetic plate: Ideal for pictures on the board

Detail view of prepared chlothes pin

Attached Takkis on clothes pin

Magnetic clothes pin on card II

Magnetic clothes pin on card

What should you pay attention to?

The magnets can simply be attached onto the clothespins without any additional tools. One side of the magnetic platelets is provided with an adhesive and after removing the protective film, the tape is securely bonded to the pin by briefly pressing them.

Attaching it on both sides makes work easier, as the clothes pins can easily be turned around. So you can never reach the „wrong side“ because both sides stick.

After a short preparation, the small aids can be used permanently and can now effectively support everyday work!